Personal Trainer Emmet Rushe explains four ways to get fit and burn fat - all you have to do is start.

Over the last few years, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has taken off in popularity.

Its main selling point is short workouts with a large calorie burn.

The only problem with HIIT is that it is not suitable for everyone.

If you are a beginner, have never exercised before, are injured, very overweight or elderly, HIIT is not the type of cardio you should be looking at for fat loss.

Not everything has to be high impact and high intensity when it comes to fat loss.

Low impact activity that puts very little stress on our bodies and our joints is a better place to start if you fall into any of the demographics above.

The best way to use these exercises is to do them with very little exertion, you don’t need to try and push yourself past your limits, just keep an even pace and hold it for, anything from 30-90 mins, depending on the type of exercise you choose.

30 mins on a daily basis would be fine, but if you can only get 2-3 sessions done per week, aiming for 60-90 mins would be fine also.

This mightn’t seem like the most exciting form of exercise for fat loss, but it works and if it fits into your current starting place and fitness levels, it is probably the right one for you.

The Cross Trainer

Also known as the Elliptical Trainer, the cross trainer is a great way to get a full body cardio workout in without putting any impact on your hips, knees or ankles.

Find a speed that you are able to maintain for around 30-60 mins.

A good way to judge your pace is; you should be able to hold a conversation with the person beside you for the duration of your workout.

If you start to get out of breath, you are going to fast. If you could sign the national anthem, you are going fast enough.

The Cross Trainer has the added benefit that you are able to work your arms along with the legs during your workout and you can also go in reverse, to work the different muscles.

The Exercise Bike

Ideal for people of all ages, the Stationary Bike gives a great way to work the lower body without putting any impact on the joints.

They are easy to use, not affected by weather as you are indoors, they will help build leg strength and most of them even come with personalised T.Vs on them, so you won’t even miss your favourite show while burning some calories.


Probably the easiest form of exercise you can use for exercise.

Get yourself a good pair of trainers, some comfortable clothing, and you are good to go.

As with cycling, duration matters more than distance, aim for 30-45mins when starting out and increase the time as your distance increases over the weeks.

Your pace is determined, much like with the Cross Trainer, you should be able to hold a conversation for the duration of your walk and not get out of breath while doing it.


The American Council on Exercise notes that the buoyancy of water reduces your “weight” by approximately 90 percent. The result is a significant reduction in stress on the hips, knees and the back.

Overweight people may find swimming much more comfortable than exercise on fitness machines, as they can be a bit restrictive at times.

Even if you do not know how to swim, a pool can help you get an effective calorie-burning workout.

Water walking burns more calories than walking on solid ground because of the resistance of the water.
You would usually be in the shallow end and the water would be at your waist.

Water fitness classes, like aqua aerobics, also provide an opportunity to exercise in a group setting and are great for making new friends.

So there you have it.

4 ways that you can get fit and burn some fat, that are suitable for any age or fitness level, all you have to do is start.


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