Personal trainer Emmet Rushe gives us a motivational kickstart to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The average life expectancy in Ireland is 81 years.

That is 8 decades + 1 year.

There are 10 years in each decade.

The graph below is where I am at in regard to my life, I’m 39, and how many years I have lived and how many I have left to live if I meet the average Irish life expectancy.

This gives me 42 years left to live.
That’s fantastic, 42 years to keep progressing and bettering myself in my family life, business, health and my physique.

You may be younger than I am or you may be older than I am, it doesn’t matter.

What matters most is, are you making the best possible use of your time on this earth in regard to your health and well-being?

There is a great quote that goes;

“If you are waiting for a sign, this is it!”

Every day you have endless opportunities to better yourself.

They can be small, like taking the stairs at work, or they can be large, like finally joining a gym.

No matter which step you take, just know that it is the right one.
We have become accustomed to putting ourselves down.

  • Feeling like we are not good enough.
  • Not ready to start.
  • Won’t know where to begin.
  • Won’t be fit enough to join the gym.
  • Won’t have the willpower to lose the weight.
  • Will look silly if you try and start walking or jogging.

These thoughts run through our minds daily.

They are the reason that we are still in a place where we don’t want to be in regard to our health and our weight.
They are the reason that we are not happy with how we are currently eating, but can’t seem to change our habits.
They are the reason that we can’t seem to motivate ourselves to be better.

But they are only thoughts.

It doesn’t matter if you are ready to start or not, just start.

There is never a right time.
The more you wait for the right time, the more squares on the graph you are wasting, and the ‘right’ time will never come.

When that thought comes into your head to start, do it.

Don’t think about it, just do whatever it is you have to do in order to set the wheels in motion.

Go for that walk.
Join the gym.
Start eating a bit better.

You are ready to start at YOUR starting point.
Don’t try and compare yourself to anyone else, compare yourself to you and how you were last week and the weeks before.

If you are improving on that each week, you are winning.

If you can continue to do this on a regular basis and get to a point where you are happy;
You’ve won!