The Happy Camper mobile cafe, situated in Glenveagh, is well known for their delicious pancakes and rich coffee. Unfortunately the popular little cafe was wrecked yesterday evening.

However the community has rallied together, sending messages of support to the sisters who own the cafe, and a fundraiser has also been set up to get the little lime camper back on the road again.

The Happy Camper was set up by sisters Maria and Jane McCormack from Churchill and has proved popular for locals and tourists alike.

However yesterday evening, the camper rolled into the bog after the tow hook malfunctioned.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the incident, but Maria and Jane are left heartbroken.

Speaking to Donegal Woman, Maria says “It unhooked from my jeep and crossed the road and rolled into the bog.

“I’m absolutely devastated to say the least but just glad that no one is hurt.

“The amount of people messaging offering their help is unreal.

“I had put every ounce of my life into the happy camper and I loved every minute of it and please God I will be back soon.”

One of Maria’s friends, Anne-Marie Gallagher, set up a fundraiser to help get the famous camper back on the road again.

She explains that the camper has brought them many good memories, laughs, and not to mention great coffee and pancakes.

She added “Maria and Jane (and their wee team) have lit up the heather with their genuine ways, friendly service and a real quirky idea took off to the delight of many… but sadly in an unfortunate accident the little “cafe” caravan was destroyed on their way home from Glenveagh.

“These ladies gave everything to make us “happy campers” so maybe now we can try to help them back on their feet. It can be our way of saying thank you for making a difference to us all in the community.”

It is hoped that €3,000 will be raised to get the little caravan back on the road again.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser you can do so by following this link: