People are flocking to Donegal's Glenveagh National Park in their hundreds to soak up the sunshine this week, but you're not likely to see it from this angle.

You can imagine flying over the landscape as an eagle in this amazing video created by drone videographer Kevin McBride of Scenic Flyer.

The footage sweeps over the glistening lake, majestic castle and vibrant gardens to take in every wonderful sight at the beauty spot.

The vast park has many walking trails which cover the glen and allow spectacular views from all levels. In just a couple of minutes here you can take in almost every aspect of the 16,000 hectares of Glenveagh on a bright and beautiful day.

If you’re stuck in the office or indoors today, then this little escape may help you feel a little less left out from the sunshine!

Scenic Flyer has created many more amazing cinematic videos across Donegal’s landscape. You can see some of the highlights here: