Yvonne McFadden, who has been awaiting a new kidney for almost 15 years, has been given the green light to get her life-saving operation with thanks to her sister.

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Falcarragh woman Yvonne McFadden’s story is well-known to many readers throughout Donegal.

When she was three years old one of her kidneys failed, and at twelve, the other failed too.

Yvonne had a successful transplant at 14, however, at age 24 her body began to reject the kidney.

For the past 14 years, Yvonne has been on dialysis.

Now, she goes to the hospital three times a week, for three and a half hour sittings. She explained how her fluids are tightly restricted on The Ryan Tubridy Show in 2016. Even if she is parched, she can’t drink more than 800mls a day, she said.

She explained that dialysis is like “having a hangover every day”.

Yesterday evening, Yvonne, a well-known member of the Inishowen Gospel Choir, shared her news with her friends on Facebook.

She wrote “Well after 14 years, my waiting is finally up…we got a call from Coventry today & the transplant is all set to go in April pg…..thanks to everyone for all their well wishes & a huge thanks to my wonderful sister Donna McFadden Czyzewski for giving me the chance to live my life again!!!!! Here’s to the future.”

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