"Strong is the New Sexy!" is a motto we've been hearing a lot in the last few years as women look to change their approach to body image and fitness. Does the same apply to hair?

 The new Strong Sexy collection from SexyHair was launched this year to cater to the girls who want to bring strength back to every part of their image. We put the collection through its paces to see if it measures up.

The DW team tried the colour safe strengthening shampoo and conditioner and the core flex anti-breakage leave-in reconstructor.

Weak hair comes with colouring, heat and daily abuse. The harsh weather also takes its toll on our locks so these products seemed like a dream nourishment boost and a great spring refresh.

Sweet Scent

The stand-out benefit from this range is the mouth-watering smell – Aloe Vera and softening mango butter are a match made in sensory heaven. It’s a creamy and tropical scent that lasts well after the wash. Your bathroom will be filled with the sweet aroma too.

The ingredients aim to rebuild the hair structure and repair breakages. The three-step system works together with your hair’s pH balance to close cuticles and protect from further damage.


Like fitness, the leave-in reconstructor focuses on the core of the hair to restructure dry and damaged strands. We found that frizz was not completely banished after using this, but the plus side is the leave-in serum is lightweight and does not leave any oil build-up.

After three steps of shampooing, conditioning and the extra treatment, what you’re left with is ultra-soft hair that smells delightfully fruity and fresh. We loved the flexibility that came with having such nourished locks.

If only real muscle strength and tone was this easy to achieve!

Where to buy?

Select salons stock SexyHair, while the online retailer www.beautybay.com has the full range for Irish customers.

Prices: Colour safe strengthening shampoo and Conditioner (both €16.30) and Core Flex Anti-Breakage Leave-In Reconstructor (€18.70). The prices are on the more expensive side, but if you are looking for a powerful fix for softening dry and brittle hair then StrongSexyHair is the way to go.