This week we put Essence's Out of Space nail polish range to the test - keep reading to see what we thought!

We tested the shades Beam Me Up, which is an iridescent pink shade, and Intergalactic Adventure, a metallic blue/purple.

The blue/purple colour reminded me of Essence’s Wonderfuel nail polish, only it was less glittery and more opalescent.

To get the full holographic affect and opacity, we used two coats. The application was smooth and it dried in a matter of seconds.

As with all nail varnishes, the polish remained slightly tacky until a few hours later and it did leave a visible streak when dried, but it actually worked with the effect of the polish!

I tested this without a base coat or a top coat to really put these nail polishes on trial, and having applied both polishes several times now, they generally last one to two days without chipping.

Swipe on a top coat and you’re good to go for at least three or four days depending on what you’re putting your nails through!

The colour is what really struck me about this product though. In terms of trends, Summer 2017 will be defined by the iridescent and metallic shades; seen on everything from coats to shoes, and now to your nails!


The big question – would I buy this again?

Absolutely. It’s a no-brainer.

Considering it only costs a couple of euro, it’s definitely worth the investment. You can pick it up at most pharmacies and Penneys that supply Essence products.


Special thanks to Mary Mc Callig for being my hand model!