Stylist Breid McDaid shows us how to master the art of accessorizing so we can look 'effortlessly put together'

With the festive season fast approaching, shopping for gifts for others takes precedent, which often means the ‘treat yourself’ fund may be resembling a picture of the Sahara desert. Why not cheat the system?!

So you may not be able to go out and buy yourself a whole new Christmas wardrobe, why not let the little things do the talking. The power of accessories can often be somewhat underestimated. Be it a glitzy clutch to jazz up that LBD, a pair of statement earrings to turn that knit and jeans combo into a daytime chic ensemble, or the addition of those much loved bobble hats that are now taking over the world.

The art of accessorising is a skill, and like all things, will take time to master. Knowing when ‘enough is enough’ is one of the most important elements to the game. You want to nail that ‘effortlessly put together look’, rather than resemble your Christmas tree in the corner.

Utilise your pieces to accentuate your outfit, whilst avoiding the trap of over-doing it. When incorporating statement pieces into an outfit, pick an item you want to take centre stage, while toning down all other parts.

Although I do love a sparkly number at Christmas time, teaming it with additional glitz in the form of heels or clutch is serious overkill. However you could team a matching pair of heels and clutch together, if the sequins are reasonably muted (not majorly sparkly). Understated jewellery would also work well in this case.

Pom-poms are most definitely an eye-catching trend this season. Vibrant bobble hats are an excellent winter wardrobe staple, coming in almost every shade and can instantly add character to an outfit, while also being practical. Whether it’s the cosy, woollen type you choose, or the peak cap style, style, comfort and practicality will be on your side.

Faux fur scarves are very much loved by all this season. There are so many different shades and styles to choose from, ranging from €9 in Penney’s to more expensive price tags on Irish websites such as ‘My Shining Armour’ where luxury is key.

I have included some links below to some items of various styles and price brackets.


Breid at ‘Style Your Story’ x