Pop superstar Kylie Minogue's new eyewear collection launches in Specsavers stores in Donegal this Valentine's Day. We have the first view of the fabulous frames.

Pop sensation and style icon Kylie Minogue shows she has a real eye for fashion as she unveils her first ever eyewear collection, exclusive to Specsavers.

A stunning combination of elegance and edginess, the collection of 25 glasses and five prescription sunglasses launches in Specsavers Letterkenny on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, 14 February.

Kylie describes her glasses designs as a mix of modern classics, subtle bling and reinvented vintage, drawing inspiration from different eras in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. Each frame features a striking angled temple and her iconic ‘K’ tag for a chic but understated hint of Kylie glamour.

Kylie says: ‘Designing the glasses has been a fabulous experience. I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the idea of modern classics, popular shapes and styles that suit most people, but with my own personal twist on them.

‘Expressing yourself with your glasses is really important and I know that personally. I love to continually change my look, so having a real mixture of styles is definitely something that works for me. Often you want to be able to combine that functional day-to-day look with a little more glamour for the evening. That’s definitely something I’ve incorporated, through what I like to call a hint of subtle bling!’

Reflecting her petite frame, the new collection includes several styles in smaller sizes.

Kylie adds: ‘At my request, we made sure the collection includes some petite styles. I know what it’s like searching for glasses and not being able to find any that fit. We’ve really made sure there’s something in there for everyone!’

Kylie’s top picks include:

Kylie 5 €149
‘I love these gorgeous cat’s eye frames. They’re a combination of tortoiseshell and chartreuse – it’s actually quite hard to pin down what colour they actually are as it changes depending on the light, but that’s what makes them so versatile. I’ve received many compliments on this pair!’

Kylie Sun RX 4 €149
‘Whenever I wear these sunglasses, I picture myself driving around the south of France in a convertible car. I love the rose gold combined with the green leather and marbled effect along the sides. They’re also really comfortable and make you feel like you’re on holiday all the time.’

Kylie 15 €149
‘These are a very classic shape and slightly more masculine and edgy – but definitely something I would wear every day. There’s a much sexier vibe here too with the little bit of sparkle on the side. These frames are great for taking you from day to evening.’

Martina McMahon, director at Specsavers Letterkenny says: ‘We are delighted to welcome the Kylie Minogue eyewear range to Specsavers Letterkenny. These glasses were designed for stylish and confident women by someone who is instantly recognisable and identifiable.

“A trendsetter since topping the charts nearly 30 years ago, Kylie’s style has evolved into a refined, elegant and feminine look that still garners column inches and graces magazine covers today. The Kylie effect is powerful and her mass appeal and timeless style made for the perfect partnership.’

Priced at €149 and part of Specsavers 2 for 1 offer, the Kylie Minogue debut eyewear collection is available in Specsavers stores nationwide from Valentine’s Day 2017.