A free 8 week course will begin this autumn to help Donegal women and former homemakers use their skills to their full potential.

“Women in the Home…..New Beginnings,” has been created to offer women the emotional and practical support needed to bridge the gap between years spent in the home caring for others to realising the potential and opportunities that are now available to her.

The course is organised by NCCWN–Donegal Women’s Network and funded by Donegal Local Development CLG. The course is FREE and open to anyone NOT on the Live Register. This programme is to help women enter a new phase in their life or re-enter the workforce after their caring role has come to its natural end; anyone getting a disability payment.

Following a recent survey on Donegal Mammy Facebook, women not on the Live Register strongly feel undervalued and in some cases invisible. “It is very isolating for Mum at home all day and every day without adult interaction.” “We’re forgotten about and when the children leave and you try to get back out there, no one wants to know. You are too old and out of date.”

It’s a great feeling of pride for parents to see their offspring leave home for a new life, however it can leave many feeling uncertain about their future life and what role they now have in society.

The ‘who am I’? and ‘What do I do now’? Questions are tinged with self-doubt and lack of belief in the skills they have learned over the years as a homemaker.

This 8 week course will be held in St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Stranorlar on Thursday mornings the 28th September-16th November from 10.30 a.m.– 12.30 p.m.


Topics covered in the course include ‘Transferable Skills,’ ‘Health and Wellbeing,’ ‘Mind mapping for the Future,’ and much more. We will offer those attending the chance to explore the following:

  • Building  on your self-worth and confidence, looking at health, wellbeing and empowerment
  • Naming the skills and qualities you currently have and looking at transferrable skills and how valuable they are to your future role
  • Exploring what options are open to you ‘outside of the home’
  • Meeting other women and  being inspired by their stories

Guest speakers from various organisations will give inputs during the 8 weeks. Representatives from LYIT, Donegal ETB, Donegal Volunteering, Donegal Women in Business will offer advice and support.

Health, Mindfulness, Image Consultation, Life Coaching will all be included as part of a support to realising the opportunities that are available.

Possible outcomes:

  • Contentment at where you are and what you have achieved
  • Belief that the transferrable skills you have, give you an advantage in any future role
  • You can go back to college and get that degree!
  • The idea of setting up your own business can be a reality
  • An awareness that your skills are very much needed by others, in the community/ voluntary sector

The facilitator of this course is Evelyn Mc Glynn, a mum of three grown up children and has experienced the uncertainty of her role in life when they left home. She has since set up her own business and is a published author and facilitator. She has always been passionate about recognising the value of “women in the home,” and the options and challenges facing them through the “empty nest” phase. This course will offer awareness of the potential and options available to them.

Evelyn Mc Marketing and Toni Forrester, CEO at Letterkenny Chamber

The office of the NCCWN-Donegal Women’s Network will be closed for the month of August. If you are interested in participating in this programme please contact the office @ 074 9722790 or by email donwomnet@eircom.net; leave your name and contact details and we will get back to you early September to confirm your place.

A limited number of places are available. There is a small budget available for childcare costs.