Featured images: @invivoxsjp

Sarah Jessica Parker may be a successful wine entrepreneur, but on St Patrick’s Day, her brand embraced the spirit with a celebration of the ‘black stuff’.

The Sex and the City actress’ wine brand, INVIVO X, has shared a salute to one of her favourite Donegal pubs – the Rusty Mackerel in Teelin.

INVIVO X’s St Patrick’s Day post on Instagram featured a creamy Guinness pint emblazoned with their logo, created using The Rusty Mackerel pub’s famous printing machine.

“If you know, you know…,” the post said, tagging Guinness.

“Happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow to all those who are celebrating it this weekend! Picture taken by our friends at @therustymackerel!”

SJP, who owns a holiday home in Kilcar, has previously spoken about her fondness for Guinness, even admitting she can’t finish a whole pint!

“I can’t have a pint, the tall guy, I’ll never finish it,” SJP told an Instagram Live chat with SuperValu last November.

“Part of me likes the ceremony of it.”

Speaking about the local bars in south west Donegal, she said: “You probably know about The Rusty Mackerel up in Teelin, it’s a beautiful pub it’s pretty famous at this point and they’ve got a gorgeous Guinness, and we’ve got great pubs in town as well.”