Lively new music has emerged from the serenity of Dungloe as The Hopeful Kind release their debut track.

The band, led by Donegal native Cara Ward and Ruth Teeling from Meath, launches ‘Wherever You Go’ today.

The energetic track is packed with catchy hooks, shimmering synths and punchy guitars by Ruth.

Lead singer Cara’s infectious vocals paired with the upbeat instrumentals create a sonic experience that will have listeners hitting repeat.

The Hopeful Kind invites fans and music enthusiasts to tune in and join the celebration as they mark their entry into the world of indie pop.

Cara spent her early years writing songs and teaching herself guitar as well marching in the local Crickamore Band.

During the Mary From Dungloe festivals, Cara became quite a regular, playing acoustic sets of her own work as well as covers.

On a Tuesday night, you would have normally found Cara playing amongst the regulars, The Merry Mallows in Beedy’s bar.

Cara studied songwriting through commercial modern music at Dublin based music institute, BIMM. There, she met fellow songwriter, Ruth Teeling. The pair became fast friends having attended the same writing classes in their second year of college.

Fast forward to 2023, Ruth and Cara began writing together under the guise of The Hopeful Kind.

The Hopeful Kind

The indie Irish band continue to find inspiration in the hills of Donegal, having completed their debut single, ‘Wherever You Go’ the first of many singles to come from the quiet town of Dungloe.

“There truly is a remarkable calm over the town of Dungloe, and it can be found in each corner of Donegal. It’s a very inspiring place to live and write music. As if the land itself has a say in your musical output. The narrative we draw comes from our own personal lives and experiences. From love, heartbreak and navigating the modern world. It all has an imprint on our music.’

By September of ‘23, the two found themselves recording their debut single, ‘Wherever You Go’, in Jejune Studios with PostParty frontman Keelan O’ Reilly (Love You Everyday).

The song was then mixed and mastered by the infamous BeardFire Studios ( Eurovision entry: Go Tobann, AILSHA)

Cara and Ruth feel very fortunate to be playing alongside bass player Simon Heapes (Formerly of AWOL Active). And drummer, Conor Boland (of Trinkets).

The Hopeful Kind release their debut single, Wherever You Go on the 23rd February. Available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. See links here:

The Hopeful Kind have a jam packed year ahead of them with live shows to be announced! Keep an eye on their social media for more info!