Donegal/Derry singer Rebecca Harkin is about to celebrate the launch of her debut album this November.

A true passion project, the album will be the culmination of years of work for Rebecca, who hails from Derry and grew up in Donegal.

The record, entitled “Things Man Be Someway”, has already received much attention as pre-order sales open on Rebecca’s official site.

With big vocals and heart touching lyrics, Rebecca has connected with fans worldwide and has toured the US, Ireland, UK, Holland and Caribbean in the last few years and performed her original music to both large and intimate audiences in world-famous venues. 

All her hard work had one goal – to self-fund an independent album. And the dream will soon become a reality on November 29th when the CD is released.

Rebecca said: “This album has been such an experience to record, everything from the lyrics to the melodies all come from deep in my heart, the laughs in the studio with some of Ireland’s most talented musicians I’ll remember always.”

Rebecca Harkin

“It’s been the best few years making this,” she added. 

“I wanted my first album to sound just like me, and that’s the beauty of being an independent artist. I had full control of what I wanted this album to sound like, and hopefully in the long run people will be able to relate to the lyrics and music the way I have.”

Rebecca will be hosting a live album launch party online to share recorded tracks, live performances and chats with fans on the album release date. Check it out on