Majella and Daniel O’Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell is well-known as a generous supporter of charities, but it seems he may be feeling the pinch in his personal funds after his big home makeover!

The singing star sent a sweet Valentine’s video to his wife Majella yesterday via Facebook. He was tickled pink with the idea that the message would be free to send.

Daniel is currently Stateside on tour, while Majella is enjoying their newly renovated home in Kincasslagh, which we’ll see on RTE1 this Sunday.

RTE Today helped Daniel share his message of love to Majella yesterday. He recalled the romantic moment when he got down on one knee to ask her to marry him, before cracking the light-hearted postage joke.

“This Valentine’s Day, it’s a good opportunity to say Happy Valentine’s Day to Majella, I’ll be in Florida, she’ll be in Donegal, so this saves postage,” he says.

Meanwhile, Majella was treating herself to a Valentine’s Day drink in Donegal. She shared a photo of the giant hailstones that fell last night, with the bright idea that they’d make great ice cubes for her G&T. We like the way you think, Majella!

Don’t forget to tune into Room to Improve on RTE One, Sunday 18th Feb at 9.30pm to catch Daniel and Majella’s celebrity special renovation. 

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