Two Donegal women will be appearing on our TV screens soon in a new series on sustainable fashion.

Letterkenny Presenter Caoimhe Ní Chathail is co-host of a new BBC2 NI series ‘Éadaí SOS’, which begins next Monday 6th September at 10pm.

Caoimhe is joined by Proinsias Ó Coinn on a mission to get us thinking differently about our wardrobes. 

In episode one, Caoimhe meets Donegal student Mollaí Ní Mhiacháin who spents 80% of her income on clothes. But Caoimhe will be stepping in to reduce Mollaí’s wardrobe to just 10 items of clothing to wear. And to make things that little bit more challenging Mollaí is also put on a shopping ban.

Caoimhe and Mollaí – BBC NI

Every year millions of tonnes of clothing are burned or dumped in landfill, yet for many of us our fast fashion addiction continues.  Are our fashion habits destroying the planet?

This is the question that Éadaí SOS aims to answer. Proinsias carries out a clothing audit with an insight into just how bad the fast fashion problem is.

Éadaí SOS – Proinsias agus Caoimhe san ailéar

Each episode features a lover of fast fashion with an overflowing wardrobe and a tendency to splash the cash on outfits for every occasion – with no consideration for the consequences to the planet. The hosts will challenge each fashionista to alter their fashion habits, supporting them in reducing, reusing and recycling the contents of their wardrobes.

With Caoimhe and Proinsias’ help, can our contributors change their habits? What will they do with their clothes now that they have heard the shocking truth?

‘Éadaí SOS’ starts on Monday 6th September at 10pm on BBC 2 NI

Éadaí SOS was filmed on location in counties Donegal, Belfast, Derry and Meath with support from NI Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund.