Emmet Rushe reveals the small healthy eating habits that actually work, instead of restrictive diets.

Let’s face it, dieting sucks!

When most think about starting to diet, it usually involves severe restriction or turning to diet products. 

The word diet doesn’t tend to have any positive connotations for those who are thinking of starting one. 

So, today I am going to give you 5 simple tips you can use to stop over eating, that should help with your goals. 

It’s 5 ways that you can tweak things in your current nutrition to reduce your calorie intake and help yourself to get leaner, burn more fat and lose more ‘weight’. 

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The tips below aren’t special, they have no magical properties and you won’t have to do anything drastic to see some results. 

The first thing you will have to do however, is try them.
The second thing you will have to do is to have some patience. 

You will have to try them for longer than a week.
This is not a diet, I’m showing you how you can implement some small habits so you can see some success, while still eating the same foods you already eat and not having to turn to a restrictive diet. 

So, with that being said, let’s get to it;


    Everyone knows that you probably should drink more water throughout the day, (you really should), but that’s not what this is about.
    It’s about where you will be drinking the water that will help.
    Right before each meal, drink half a pint to a full pint of water.
    The water will fill your stomach and make it harder to over-eat at that meal.
    Do this at each meal and you will save some calories from this simple fix and also get a much-needed resource into your body.

    We have the tendency in Ireland to overfill our plates. The issue with this is that we also have the tendency to eat everything that is on the plate.
    Eating less can be disheartening for some as they feel that they are depriving themselves.
    Putting a small amount of food on a large plate can leave some feeling unsatisfied.
    By using smaller plates when having your meals, you are eliminating this feeling of depravation by ‘tricking’ yourself into thinking that you are having a full plate of food at every meal.
    Your plate is full, but you are eating smaller portions by default and therefore less calories.

    Protein is extremely hard to overeat. Protein rich foods like chicken breast, steak, turkey breast, eggs etc will all leave you feeling full while being low in calories.
    Increasing your vegetables at each meal will do the same thing.
    Vegetables are lower in calories than starchy carbs or fatty foods so you can fill up on vegetables and not worry about going over on your calories.
    Also, like the water, eating your protein rich foods and your vegetables 1st at each meal will also prevent you from over-eating at that meal and prevent you from going over on your calories.
    You don’t have to change anything, just eat these along with the water and you will find that you are less likely to over-eat on anything else at that meal.


    You could be taking in excess calories through your drinks without even realising that you are doing it.
    A simple fix to this is to swap your current drinks for the lower calorie, diet or calorie free options.
    Switch your milk to semi skimmed or fat free.
    Switch sugary drinks to their calorie free counterparts.
    Switch the sugar you add to tea and coffee to calorie free sweeteners.
    Switch flavoured coffees to regular americanos.
    Switching all the above can save hundreds of calories each day and help with your weight loss goals.


    Your NEAT is the activity that we do throughout the day while not exercising.
    It usually equates to around 30% of our total calorie burn throughout the day and is generally higher than the calories we burn during exercise.
    The issue now, however, is that we are becoming more sedentary due to our jobs and daily lives. So our NEAT isn’t as high as it could be because of this
    To combat this, get a step tracker and aim for 6-10k+ steps per day.
    This will increase your NEAT if you can do it, but more importantly it will keep you aware of your inactivity throughout the day and help you to realise when you need to get up and move. 

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