There’s something about September that makes us want to change things up. As we go back to routine, it’s always good to shake up our fitness routine and try something new.

Reformer Pilates is one of those trending workouts that has stuck around and has proven results. Celebrities love it, and it’s a workout that can benefit everyone from beginners to elite athletes.

JT Physiotherapy in Letterkenny is the first studio in the North West to offer Reformer Pilates classes.

JT Physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates, located at the entrance of Tara Court on the Ramelton Road Letterkenny

Breda Canning, Instructor at JT Physiotherapy and Reformer Pilates

The workout is done on a sophisticated machine, which is used for a combination of moves to improve flexibility, core strength and build long, lean muscles. It’s ideal for treating any injuries, aches, pains or niggles you might have because you are building strength with zero-impact.

The workout relies on springs and your own body weight for resistance. You may be moving slowly, but the classes really get the heart pumping.

We recently visited the JT Physiotherapy studio to meet Pilates Instructor Breda Canning to see how it all works:

Interested in joining a class? All newcomers take a welcome special class to learn how to use the machine before joining a group session. To book yours now, just call the JT Physio Letterkenny Clinic on 074 911 10 10 or Derry Clinic on 02871 269 262. Visit for more.