Fashion doesn’t have to cost the earth, and each of us can make a difference to our planet – that’s the message from two Donegal businesswomen who are teaming up for an eye-opening event this week.

Stella McGroarty of Stella Boutique in Donegal and Joanne Butler of OURganic Gardens & Changemakers in Gortahork are hosting an online event on sustainability this Wednesday, 4th November at 7pm.

Together, Stella and Joanne will be leading a conversation about sustainable shopping and saving the world, one step at a time.

The event will be facilitated by Sally Murphy of welltold, in association with the Donegal Women in Business Network. 

Booking is FREE and you can secure your place on:

Stella gives this look ahead to what we’ll learn at the event: “Now, more than ever, we need to move away from “fast fashion and food” and think carefully about what we buy and from where it is all sourced. 

“Over the past 4 years at Stella Boutique, I have curated a collection of Eco-Friendly, Environmentally responsible and Sustainable brands that look after the needs of those involved in the entire supply chain as well as being particularly sensitive to the needs of our planet.”

10th November 2019: Stella McGroarty and her models at the Stella Boutique Charity Gala Fashion Show, celebrating eco-friendly and sustainable fashion

“I’ve learned so much in the process and as we start to move into the busiest shopping time of the year, I want to invite you to join myself,  Joanne Butler and Sally Murphy for our Season of Change evening event. 

“We will share our experience and knowledge about what’s happening in the world, the importance of shopping locally, how to make simple sustainable choices and most importantly, how we can each make a different, one choice at a time. “

Joanne Butler, owner of OURganic Gardens in Gortahork

Joanne Butler is the founder of OURGanic Gardens and a Development Worker at Donegal ChangeMakers. OURganic Gardens, established in 2009, has become an outdoor green space focused on food, sustainability, and horticulture. Joanne’s passion is showing people how to grow their own food, live sustainable lives and to look after the environment.

There will be a lot to learn from Joanne, Stella and Sally this Wednesday evening, so why not log-in and join the conversation. You’re sure to pick up a few simple sustainability steps you can easily bring into your own life.

Visit the Season of Change event page here: