If you're a fan of the show, you better catch yourself on and get one!

A new range of GAA jerseys has been launched to celebrate the legen-derry show that is Derry Girls.

Proudly created by O’Neills, the jerseys feature some of our favourite characters and sayings from the Channel 4 comedy.

If you’ve always wanted some Sister Michael merchandise, your prayers have been answered.

The eye-rolling nun features on one jersey with the slogan “Sweet Swuffering Jehovah”.

Derry Girls Jersey – oneills.com

Five designs make up the collection, including a Michelle “Wise Up” tee, a hurling themed group design, and an Erin version with “Catch Yerself on” written across it.

The jerseys come in adult and children sizes and feature the crest of Our Lady Immaculate College, the fictional school based on Thornhill in Derry.

Now that season one of Derry Girls is on Netflix and season three is on the way, we can’t imagine a better time to get ourselves a good outfit like this.

Check out the collection on: https://www.oneills.com/gift-ideas/popular/derry-girls.html

It’s official! Series three of Derry Girls is happening