As if we didn't have enough emotional moments this Tuesday.

The second series of Derry Girls has come to a poignant end, but after an emotional rollercoaster of an episode, fans got the news they were waiting for.

Channel 4 officially revealed that a third series of Derry Girls has been commissioned.

Good decision we say! The 90s series has broken modern TV records for the broadcaster in the past two years and earned rave reviews.

Series writer Lisa McGee said she is looking forward to bringing her ‘eejits’ back to our screens again.

“I love writing this show and I’m so thrilled to be able to continue the Derry Girls story, thank you Channel 4, Erin and the eejits live to fight another day!,” McGee said.

Channel 4’s director of programmes Ian Katz said: “At a time of great uncertainty about the future of the country thank God we have one unequivocally good piece of news to look forward to: the Derry Girls will be back to make our lives a bit brighter and more fun.”

Head of comedy at the channel Fiona McDermott said: “It’s no surprise that Derry Girls continues to delight a growing legion of fans – a combination of magical writing and adorable characters make this show both timely and timeless.

“We’re delighted to confirm a third series – don’t tell Ma Mary, but I’m breaking open the Christmas cupboard in celebration.”

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