Spoiler Alert! We recap the top moments and one liners from this week's show:

The penultimate episode of this series of Derry Girls was another ‘cracker’, as Orla would say.

The famous five getting ready for prom, struggling with dates and school dramas caused a wave of nostalgia among viewers… and more than a few emotional moments.

Donegal fans of the Channel4 comedy couldn’t wait to see the new girl in town – Mae Cheung – who turned out to be more of a deviant than a delight.

Beloved Donegal 

One of our favourite lines of the week, as per usual, came from the sarcastic Sr Michael, when she welcomed Mae to the school. While her classmates all expected her to be from China, the nun knew that she was entering another world altogether:

“It’s bound to be a bit of a culture shock Mae. Things are done differently in this part of the world. But I’m sure you’ll feel as at home here as you did back in your beloved Donegal,” Sr Michael said.

Mae (Aoife Hinds) Channel4

Not a word

Michelle never fails to amuse us with her sharp tongue, and this week she had a couple of insults aimed at her neighbours. We couldn’t help but laugh.

I’m from Donegal and we speak English there.” – Mae

“If you say so Mae, but I spent the summer in Killybegs and seriously? Not a ****ing word.” – Michelle

Derry Girls. Channel 4


And this one definitely caused some giggles in the north west:

“Typical Donegal man, always moaning.” – Michelle

Orla and Granda Joe hit the tiles

Orla is never afraid to be herself, which is why we like her so much. The kooky cousin had us in stitches when plotting her prom outfit, between the Easter dress and the jumpsuit, she can work them all.

“There’s just nothing that doesn’t suit me.” – Orla


We loved the Granda Joe moments of episode five too. He’s usually a crank, but he lit up at the prospect of taking Orla to prom, which led to a heartwarming dance number.

Looking well, Granda Joe.


Aye, and it is called a prom

We also loved that this episode let the rest of Ireland know that we call school dances ‘proms’ up here. Sure why not?

The Wee English Fella wins hearts

Poor James is nearly always forgotten by the Derry girls… when they’re not trying to get rid of him altogether that is.

The wee lad with the funny accent came up trumps this week when he was Orla’s knight in shining armour after John Paul stood her up.

Could this be the start of a wee romance?

Peace at last

Da Gerry was in the bad books for breaking the telly, and after all the threats and footering, he got it back on just in time for the announcement of the IRA ceasefire.

Between all the antics and teenage conflicts on the show, they cleverly weave in the real Troubles in a hugely impactful way. Scenes of the locals celebrating that night resonated with many and won a lot of praise for writer Lisa McGee.

It’s hard to believe that there’s just one episode remaining in this series of Derry Girls. As they keep impressing viewers, winning TV awards and breaking records for Channel4, we’ve our fingers crossed that a third will be on the way.

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