Rushe Fitness gym owner Emmet weighs in on weight loss products and the recent safety recall in Ireland.

This week, Miss Fit Supplements closed its doors.

They posted on their Facebook account and their Instagram (which is now deleted) to let their customers know about the closure.

This week we made the extremely difficult and sad decision to close our business. Unfortunately the business has taken a downturn over the last few months and is no longer sustainable. The events of this week obviously hasn’t helped matters. I’d like to thank you all for your support over the last 4 years. I’ve loved every minute. Ruth x

The matters during the week that they referenced was The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) had ordered that all batches of 4 of the Miss Fit products had to be taken off shelves with immediate effect.

The products in question are:

  • Miss Fit Skinny Tea 14 Day Skinny Tea, pack size 35 g
  • Miss Fit Skinny Tea Max, pack size 35 g
  • Miss Fit Slimming Coffee 14 Day Fat Burning Instant Coffee, pack size 70 g
  • Miss Fit Skinny Coffee Max, pack size 70 g

“All batches of the above four Miss Fit products are being recalled due to incorrect, misleading and ambiguous labelling.

“Amongst the labelling breaches are health claims which are not authorised and are therefore misleading to the consumer.”

The Miss Skinny Fit brand was an Irish weight loss brand, who used teas, coffees and other products to help people lose weight.

Unfortunately, it was not a sustainable way to lose it and many of those who tried it regained the weight back shortly after using the product.

I am glad the FSAI finally stepped in and took a stand.

While I’m sorry that the employees of this company have lost their jobs, I am not sorry that the company has failed.

Like other brands who sell the same type of products, The Miss Fit brand used social influencers to help to promote their products.

If the FYRE festival has taught us anything about influencers, it’s that their word should not be taken at face value about products they are being paid to promote.

During the week, Katie Price posted about another weight loss brand.

It was an advert for their brand and the worrying thing about the post was that one of the 1st comments was from a girl in year 7 in the UK.

Year 7 is between the ages of 11-12.

She was asking “How old do u have to be ?? X”


An 11-12 year old girl was asking how old she had to be to use these products because a celebrity was promoting it.

This has gone beyond a joke.

I have written before about taking advice on your health from celebrities

It is at times like these that I am glad that I do.

There are talks being held to determine whether influencers and celebrities should be banned from giving any kind of health or weight loss advice on their platforms without having an appropriate qualification first.

I, for one, am in favour of this.

Promoting something you do not use for money, and lying to your fans and followers in the process is disgusting.

When you are in a position to influence people and what they use and buy, you shouldn’t be using it to take advantage of them for your own financial gain.

You may or may not look up to certain celebrities and ‘influencers’, but when it comes to advice on health, diet and nutrition, the best advice would be to stay clear.


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