Personal Trainer Emmet Rushe explains why he isn't convinced by diet shake promotions by insta-stars.

This is probably the busiest time of year for weight loss and supplement companies.

The weight loss industry in the USA alone is worth $70 BILLION and each year new companies come onto the marketplace trying to get their own piece of this very lucrative market.

With so much competition around, these companies turn to celebrities and social ‘influencers’ in a way to stand out from their competitors and sell more of their products.

This seems like a sensible thing for companies to do.

They pay the celebrity or ‘influencer’ to say that they are using this product and the sales of the product goes up in turn.

It’s a win-win for the company and for the celeb or ‘influencer’ as both are making money.

However, when someone is winning, someone else must be losing and the people who are losing are the people who are following the celebrities and ‘influencers’ and end up buying the products based on their endorsement of it.

The thing you need to know about these endorsements is that the person endorsing the product, nearly 99% of the time, DOES NOT use the product and it isn’t how they got in shape.

In the past, it was impossible to know that the celeb was getting paid to promote the product as all they had to do was say they used it.

Whereas now, they have to put #AD and put it down as a paid promotion.

This at least will give you some idea that they are promoting the product for money. If you see this you will have an idea that it is nothing but an advert and they probably do not use the product.

All 3 of the Kardashian sisters have promoted Flat Tummy Co Shakes over the past month and alluded that they use them.

Flat Tummy Co are reported to pay ‘Influencers’ like the Kardashians $200,000 per POST!

When they have a combined following of 281 MILLION followers, you can see why Flat Tummy Co paid them to promote their shakes.

But, this is where it gets messy.

Will these shakes give you a flat tummy?

No, no shakes will give you a flat tummy.

The shakes follow the usual speel that all weight loss shakes follow.

‘Simply replace 1-2 meals with a shake’

The shakes have 130 calories in each one.
So if you replaced 2 meals with shakes and ate a dinner you may get a grand total of 600 calories per day.

Want to know why people lose weight on the shakes??
It’s not difficult to understand.

You are in an extreme calorie deficit and as with all these programmes, weight loss will happen until you cannot sustain it any longer and when you go back to normal eating you will regain the weight and more on top of it.

But the Kardashians are quite happy to say that it is how they got their ‘flat tummies’ and they have no problem in saying it to their followers.

So, there is a moral question here.

It’s not like either of the 3 of them need the money, they are already multi millionaires, so why promote something you probably don’t use?

When you are in a position to influence people and what they use and buy, you shouldn’t be using it to take advantage of them for your own financial gain.

Thankfully people are becoming wise to these type of promotions and the past 2 times that Kim has promoted for this company, there was a backlash on her Instagram account from disappointed followers who ‘called her out’.

This lead to Kim deleting a previous post earlier in 2018, (which was re-posted as she was reportedly paid $200,000 and the company will want to see a return on their investment)

You need to realise that when money is involved, what is being said in the advert probably isn’t the truth.

You may or may not look up to certain celebrities and ‘influencers’, but when it comes to advice on health, diet and nutrition, the best advice would be to stay clear.

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