Counsellor Sarah Barr shares reasons why it's so important to self-love.

Valentine’s Day puts the emphasis on love for someone special in your life.

Yet YOU are the most important person in your life.

Why not make this day about loving yourself?

To do this for many of us is quite alien and awkward, but here are some reasons why it is so important to self-love:

1. Your life becomes simpler. 

You are able to look at situations with more clarity and understanding. Making you less likely to jump to the worst case scenario. You are also to deal with setbacks in a more positive way.

2. You will feel more self-confident and self-sabotage less. 

When your world view and the view you hold of yourself changes, you will seek less validation from others. You will people please less and have more conviction in what you say and believe.
Overall becoming less needy and your inner strength will grow.

3. You will have more motivation and focus.

Increasing your self-esteem and self-love will make you feel more deserving of good things in life. Feelings of guilt and worthlessness will decrease enabling you to focus on and achieve your goals.

4. You will be happier.

By valuing yourself your life will become much more happier.

How you can start practising self-love today:

 1. Practice acceptance.

You are perfectly imperfect.
By learning to accept yourself for who you are is the most important step to self-love.
Stop comparing yourself to other people in your life or on social media and learn to accept the person you are.

2. Declutter.

Living or working in chaos can deeply affect your mood and create a feeling of chaos.

By de-cluttering or tidying your space at home or in work can help you feel more in control and happier.

3. Self-Care.

Treat yourself this Valentines Day.
Buy yourself a gift, take some ‘me-time’ or book yourself in for a pampering treatment.
Remember self-care is not selfish, it is vital.

4. Loved ones.

Spend time with those who build you up, not pull you down. Creating healthy boundaries and allowing yourself to say ‘No’ will all help increase your self-worth.

5. Therapy.

If you find yourself struggling to accept yourself and it is impacting negatively in your daily life, there is help and support available.
You do not need to go through this alone.

Take Care – Sarah.