Get the runners on! Emmet Rushe has a simple and achievable challenge for us to get our steps up.

We are spending more and more of our lives sitting down throughout the day.

  • At work
  • At home
  • Watching TV
  • On our phones
  • On our computers
  • Playing online

Our lives are moving towards less activity and it is beginning to show on our waistlines.

So, I’m taking this head on and have a simple challenge that everyone can do and the best part is, EVERYONE has what they need to participate.

The 10k per day challenge might seem a bit much, but it’s not what it seems.

I’m not expecting you to run 10km each day, that’s a bit much even for me.
We are going to build up to 10 thousand steps per day over the next few weeks.

Studies have shown that those who hit over 10k steps per day are less likely to be overweight than those who don’t.
So, there is a great reason to get your daily steps in.


If you have a FitBit or any other of the activity trackers you can see what you are currently doing and then you can start to take steps (see what I did there) to hit the 10k challenge.

But, if you don’t and you have no plans to go out and buy one, you may not realise that you already have a step tracker and you use it EVERY DAY!

All smartphones have built-in activity trackers and even if they don’t, you can download one for FREE and start to use it straight away.


Some people would complain that these are completely accurate and that they wouldn’t use them because of this.

Here’s the thing;
We aren’t tracking the Dublin marathon, so don’t be negative before you even start.

We are looking at how active you are throughout the day, and if you are only hitting 2-3 thousand steps right now, you AREN’T being very active at all and that needs to change.

So, now is the time to change this.

If you are only hitting 2-3 thousand steps per day, what I DON’T want you to do is go from that to 10k steps per day.
I would rather you went to;

  • 5k steps week 1
  • 7k steps week 2
  • 9k steps week 3
  • 10k steps from then on.

The slower progression will build you up nicely to getting them in and the longer time frame to do this will mean it will more than likely become a habit you will keep.

So, who’s in?

This is really achievable and something you can get your office, friends or family involved in together.

Be sure to let me know how you are getting on with this and if you are hitting your daily total.

Happy Stepping