All mammies want the best for their daughters and hope they find happiness. Many dream of their children finding ‘The One’, but one Donegal mammy really couldn’t contain herself when her daughter was proposed to last weekend.

Inishowen woman Louise Hutchinson had the surprise of her life at her 30th birthday at the new Tank & Skinny’s Seaside restaurant in Buncrana.

Not only was the vintage tea party a surprise organised by her sisters, but her partner of 12 years Martin Lynch decided to go down on one knee to make the day even more special.

Louise was clearly overjoyed, but nobody could compare to her mum Nora! Thankfully, her sweet and lovable reaction was caught on camera by Tank & Skinny’s.

Video via Tank & Skinny’s Seaside

“Mammy was super excited that she nearly took one of the girls’ legs off trying to get out past to hug him!,” Louise tells Donegal Woman.

The proposal was a complete shock to everyone, Louise said, and it was even more special as she and Martin had been an item for exactly 12 years to the date of the proposal. Their little girls Cassie and Heidi were able to join the celebrations too.

Louise, Martin and family

The video may not show Louise’s response, but we can confirm that she said yes (after her mum said it first!).

Louise said she was on cloud nine after the event: “It was so surreal I really just felt like I was floating around everyone that night and just couldn’t stop staring at my ring! I love it!”

Congratulations to Martin and Louise – and Nora!


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