Let the office debates begin...

The internet has started its latest debate and this time it’s regarding an audio clip.

Yanny or Laurel is a four second clip that has been driving people bonkers.

Blogger Cloe Feldman posted the clip and it has caused multiple arguments ever since as the population divides on what is being heard.

It comes from a computer-generated voice over that repeats a name.

It’s up to you to declare what name it is that you hear.

The hysteria surrounding the sound is similar to that of the dress that graced our internet screens last year. The question being asked that time was whether it was white and gold or blue and black.

Much like the outcome to that phenomenon, there is a scientific reasoning as to why we hear two different things in this case too. It’s all down to the pitch.


The mystery has been solved somewhat, but we still want to know what you hear. Leave a comment below.