Wedding planner Alex suggests three moments of the big day when couples can steal quality time together.

Couples spend anywhere from 1- 2 years on average planning their wedding. That is a lot of time and effort and love put into planning their big day.

Yet the biggest thing I hear most from couples is how quickly their day just flew by and how they barely spent proper quality time together. Which of course is only natural, you are greeting all of your guests and making sure to say hello to everyone who has come to celebrate with you.

So on your day, it is difficult enough to really stop and be with each other and grab those special moments.

Here are a few moments throughout the day where I think you can just take a moment to stop, and enjoy the moment with each other.

1. At the top of the aisle.

You’ve done it! You are now officially married and everyone at your ceremony is on their feet applauding the happy couple. So before you rush back down the aisle. Take even just 30 seconds to stop, look at each other, look around at your guests and just take in all of the love being shown for you two. Then walk back down the aisle as a newly married couple!

2. Photos

More than likely your photographer will take you both away for some pictures. Sometimes these will be posed, but maybe ask your photographer for some “fly on the wall” style pictures too.

It gives you and your other half a moment to walk away on your own for 5 minutes and chat, while the photographer takes their snaps of you both from a bit of a distance or even if they are close up they don’t have to direct you into poses so you just get a little moment here.

3. Before the meal.

Your guests have enjoyed the drinks reception and are about to be seated for the meal. This will take maybe 10-15 mins to get everyone seated so sneak away to your room with a drink and sit down, just the two of ye and enjoy this quiet time together before the party begins.

These few little moments are worth their weight in gold and give you both the time to just pause and embrace all of the lovely energy of the day you worked so hard to plan.


Happy Planning!