Daniel O’Donnell has opened up about becoming a grandparent and had some heart-warming words thing to say about his granddaughter.

Being a grandfather is the best thing that has ever happened to him, the singer revealed.

The 55 year old Kincasslagh star said he gets all emotional even when he thinks of new granddaughter Olivia.

“I think my heart’s going to burst,” he said.

The singer said only other grandparents will know the feeling he and wife Majella get. Majella’s daughter Siobhan gave birth to baby girl Olivia in 2015.

“She’s just a year and a half now. She’s mighty, a lovely wee thing.

“Only grandparents know what I’m talking about. My heart is going to burst,” said proud Daniel.

The singer has had a busy few weeks celebrating the wedding of his niece Patricia. Just last week a video of the surprise flash mob went viral. Daniel, Majella and countless other stars performed a stunning piece in  St. Mary’s Church in Kincasslagh which moved the bride to tears. You can watch this beautiful video here.