Handcrafted by Donegal couple Siobhan and Kevin Harkin, Shivon Handmade Soap is the ultimate treat for skin in need of a little TLC.

Siobhan and Kevin carefully pick their main ingredient, seaweed, from Donegal’s beaches and add it to their soap.

Donegal Woman previously caught up with the couple, and they outlined how each batch of soap bars can take up to six weeks to produce.

With business booming for the Harkins, Donegal Woman decided to put their soap to the test for ourselves. We tried the Seaweed and Lemongrass soap – and we were not disappointed.

The Seaweed Soap promises to gently cleanse your skin, with the seaweed providing those vital minerals and vitamins that help keep our skin silky.

The first thing to mention about this soap is the attention to detail with the packaging. Each box comes with rustic straw and a little note describing everything contained within the bar and their benefits.

The smell is simply divine, with the aromatic properties of the oils being released once it touches lukewarm water.

After washing, it leaves a subtle, refreshing scent, and your skin is left feeling supple and cared for.

The Seaweed Soap promises to be perfect for all skin types, and we put this to the test by giving it a go on my eczema-riddled hands!

This soap truly really is a breath of fresh air for those with troublesome skin. I was blown away by how nourishing the soap was as usually I opt for soap substitutes during flare-ups – although this seemed to help my hands soak up and maintain that all important moisture.

The all-natural ingredients and essential oils, combined with plenty of love and care from Siobhan and Kevin makes this soap an absolute winner.


Would we repurchase?

The couple also make other natural goodies such as lip balm and solid perfume so as you can always have a little feel-good treat to carry around in your handbag.

With a wide variety of infusions such as Guinness, Irish oats, honey, and seeds – we’re definitely putting in a re-order!

Fancy getting your mits on some of their products to try for yourself? Irish Seaweed Soap can be purchased from shivonsoap.com

Natural goodness for our skin direct from Donegal