Counsellor Sarah Barr invites local mums to take off their 'I'm fine' mask and find their squad.

How are you?

“I’m grand, yeah fine, I’m good”.

How many times a day do we tell ourselves this, do we tell other people this?

Have you perfected your mask?

The mask which hides the often panicky and anxious feelings, the mood swings, the tears and the low confidence.

The mask shows the world “I’m grand, yeah fine, I’m good”.

It does not show the world the depths of fear, worry, depression.

Wearing this mask can be exhausting.

When someone asks us “How are you?”, part of us might really want to tell them the truth, BUT then the fear hits us.

Fear feeds Miss Anxiety, allowing her to create negative thoughts, assumptions and beliefs. With us thinking; “Will I be judged? Will I be seen as not coping? Will they think I am a bad mum? Will I be a burden to them?”

So we answer “I’m grand, yeah fine, I’m good”.

Whilst telling ourselves, that these feelings will pass, I am a modern mum, just keep going.

We may even post a happy picture on social media, to show ourselves and the world, that yeah “I’m grand, yeah fine, I’m good”. 

BUT what if these feelings don’t pass, what if you don’t talk, will you be wearing your mask for years?


If you can relate to this, please know you are not alone.

If you find yourself unable to sleep due to racing, repetitive thoughts. If you find yourself making excuses to avoid meeting friends, going places or phoning into work sick. If when you get in your car or close the front door, you start to cry.

Know that you are not alone. Know that you are not a failure. Know that you are not a bad mum.

So what can you do?

You do not have to continue wearing the mask or deal with this alone.

  • Counselling

Counselling offers you a safe space to talk about how you’re feeling. You will not be judged. Your doctor can refer you to a counsellor, alternatively you can see what counsellors are available in your area. I offer a counselling service in Moville, Letterkenny and Derry.

  • Minding Mammy Workshops

Minding Mammy is a 3 week wellness workshop available throughout Donegal and Derry. ALL mums are welcome to come along and learn new tips and tools of how to take care of their own mental well-being.

  • Mama Squad

This is a new support group in Donegal for mums.

What is Mama Squad?

  • It is a monthly meet up for mums, ALL mums.
  • Starting Monday 6th November.
  • It is FREE.
  • It will be held the first Monday of every month from 7-8:30 at Sonder, Rossview Business Park, Letterkenny.…
  • It will be facilitated by myself and fellow counsellor and mum Jade Curran.
  • It is an opportunity to meet new friends, have a coffee and cake, take off your mask and talk openly about motherhood.
  • It is time for you, YOUR self-care.
  • Each month we will have 1/2 local guest speakers, these include: The S-Mum, Joanne Sweeney-Burke, Lorraine Boyce Chartered Physiotherapist, Nurturing Mums, Beaus & Belles, Gutsy World, Donegal Doula & Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Mums Mind NI, Parent Hub, Wise Project, Simply Birth Donegal, Ms Amazebald, Bernie Frain – Reflexology & Hypnobirthing, Doula Dee and Dance with me Baby.
  • There will be an opportunity for mums to write down (confidentially) any topic or question they would like us to ask, during our group chat.
  • Let’s have the conversation about our OWN mental health and well-being, and learn some new coping tools and tips.
  • Find your Mama Squad!
  • For further information, I can be contacted through my Facebook page or call 086 4477867.

Take care and I hope to see you soon Donegal Mammies ~ Sarah.