Letterkenny woman Amy Callaghan has been praised as a winner for her brave interview in the International Rose of Tralee Festival.

Donegal Rose Amy has missed out on taking home the coveted crown tonight in the 58th International Rose of Tralee Festival.

The 2017 title went to Offaly Rose Jennifer Byrne.

Offaly Rose Jennifer Byrne

The past two nights have been filled with many memorable moments – both emotional and comedic.

There have been many moving interviews and interesting performances which have affected the nation and viewers all over the world.

Donegal Rose Amy made a major impact by being outspoken in her interview about mental health in young people. She told host Daithi O Se about her own struggles as a secondary school student.

The 22-year-old gave an encouraging account of how she found help after enduring her own ‘blip’ as a teen.

She made an important point about being glad she sought help with her mental health when she most needed it.

Watch a snippet from Amy’s inspiring interview here:

The young Donegal woman has earned much praise from mental health awareness groups all over the country for her bravery in breaking the stigma. She was applauded for using her time on stage in the Dome to address the importance of mental health in a relatable manner for people of all ages.

There were signs that Amy was a front runner following her interview last night. Her bravery, as well as her proud party piece outfit being a Donegal jersey, certainly impressed the home audience.

Supporters took to Facebook after the live final was televised to praise the Donegal Rose: 

“Amy is a winner in her own and has helped more people than she will ever hear about.”

“Amy did Donegal Proud a fantastic lovely girl who wasn’t afraid to talk”

“Well done Amy you have done Donegal proud”

“Well done Amy, inspirational young Lady .”

(Comments via Donegal Daily)

Party pieces from the 32 Roses were far reaching in diversity, from CPR demonstrations, cooking, puppeteering and the traditional music and dance pieces. Amy, a dance graduate, had a stand-out aerial performance while suspended from a Lyra hoop.

Other Donegal links to this year’s show were Caoimhe Gallagher, the London Rose who was born in Donegal and grew up in Kerry. Caoimhe sang a modern medley of Irish songs as her party piece.

London Rose

Plus, Buncrana man Daniel Mc Laughlin won the hearts of the crowd with his touch of Donegal humour – “Jeez I’m kilt hi!… it hasn’t been easy” was his take on his duties as an Escort for two Roses over the week.

An entertaining and fascinating year for the festival comes to a close tonight as Jennifer Byrne dons the crown for the year. Well done to Amy, and all other local participants who did the county proud.