Louise O'Reilly has taken to Instagram to share a frank post about body-positivity.

The blogger and body image activist has spoken out about the struggles plus size women face – particularly during the summer months.

“One consistent thing I notice when it comes to low body confidence is the amount of opportunities and possibilities people talk themselves out of, whether it’s avoiding going out to events, holidays, fun days out, totally trying to avoid buying a bikini or swimsuit and just laying on a beach,” she said.

She says that in order to be more confident, it’s important to stop berating yourself and indulging in self-deprecation. Although we know that we should stand up for ourselves when others direct negative remarks our way – sometimes we forget that we are our own worst critics.

“A vital part to helping your body confidence and self-esteem is cutting out the negative talk where possible… especially cutting out the negative talk with yourself or putting yourself down in front of other people.”

At times, we are so worried about how we look that we forget that other people don’t have time to pass judgement as they are so worried about how they look.

“All these little things add up like ‘I can never wear a bikini just look at my cellulite’ or ‘I’ll never go to the beach.. what if I’m the biggest there?’ When the reality is no one else has even noticed as they are so wrapped up in being in a swimsuit themselves!”

“Slow, small changes every day and limiting negativity will make a MASSIVE difference to your confidence and self-esteem.”

This isn’t the first time Louise has shared a beach snap with a positive message.

Last month she uploaded this picture in a gorgeous blue swimsuit and kept it real by not airbrushing like many other Instagram models.

“A touch of back fat and cellulite… two of the most common combinations for all woman at any size and yet we rarely see it in the media… how crazy!”

“Life is so short… make every single day count… go to that beach!”

Ladies, as Donegal is famous for our beaches – we have no excuse not to take her advice – what are you waiting for? Let’s go!