Donegal Woman’s Words: Author Sharon Thompson shares the story of a concerned family who are forced to stage an intervention when a certain addiction gets out of hand.

Author Sharon Thompson

This week Moville writer Sharon Thompson shares another tale exploring the life of local women.

Since beginning our Woman’s Words feature a little under two months ago, it has proved hugely enjoyable for so many Donegal women on Sunday mornings.

So grab a coffee, put your feet up, and enjoy today’s tale.

Today’s story is particularly relatable for all those who have a family member that is addicted to a certain possession.

In fact, you’re probably addicted to this certain item too…

Addiction Intervention

The sign “INTERVENTION” is up on the mantelpiece. I know it comes from Granny May’s love of Dr. Phil. She’s a total fanatic of his curative techniques.

In all honesty, Granny May’s a lunatic of a woman. But ya gotta love her enthusiasm. I wonder as I glance around the room if everyone really feels I need this or if it’s just that Granny May has made a project that can incorporate drinks and nibbles.

Granda Joe’s scratching his unshaven face and smirking as usual. He’s still in love with Granny May despite her finding he has many syndromes from watching strange documentaries and putting him through constant Jeremy Kyle shows.

She’s dressed for the occasion in her Sunday best and pearls. I’m surprised poor Granda’s not in trouble as he hasn’t shaved. Granny takes my hand and says ‘don’t be shocked honey, this is all for the very best, we all love you.’ Her American accent is convincing.

‘Granny, this is really embarrassing.’

Mum and Dad are looking suitably sombre. I implore them with my eyes. I’m ignored. Granny’s done well. My sister’s handing around crisps and pretzels.

‘It’s time dear..’ Granny May starts. ‘We all feel it’s time for you to admit your addiction. We feel over the past few weeks you’ve become too dependent on .. you know what. You need to hand it over. You understand now pet?’

It’s very dramatically Americanised.

I give in. I delve to the depths of my Penney’s handbag and pull from it my addiction, my life, my all… my smart phone.