The ban of alcohol sales on Good Friday is set to be abolished after 90 years of restrictions.

Since the ban was put in place in 1927, people could only avail of alcohol if they were having a meal at a hotel, attending a theatre, or travelling by rail, air, or ferry.

The Irish Times report that Tanáiste Frances Fitzgerald is to indicate that she will not oppose the bill in the Seanad in the coming days.

The abolition of the Good Friday alcohol ban is to be put forward alongside the Public Health Bill which will aim to lower the consumption of alcohol in Ireland.

The Intoxicating Liquor (Amendment) Bill 2017 is also expected to come before the Upper House in the next few days.

It is hoped the the new laws will come into affect by Good Friday 2018, which means no more dashes to the off-license before 10pm on Holy Thursday!