A Convoy family are celebrating the safe return of Lucy the Pug, their pet dog who had an amazing escape after spending more than 30 hours caught down a manhole.

Little Lucy went missing from her home in Ruskey in Convoy around 5pm on Monday afternoon.

Her owners Shauna O’Donnell and Bobby Carey feared the worse as time went on.

A number of locals joined in the search for the one and a half year old pooch on Monday evening and all day yesterday but there was no trace of her.

Bobby even contacted Donegal Daily and we put up a posting in the hope that someone would recognise Lucy walking the streets or fields around Convoy.

But amazingly, a last gasp search by Bobby ended in him stumbling across little Lucy stuck down a manhole in a field just before midnight last night.

A delighted Bobby told Donegal Daily that he cannot believe he stumbled across the family pet while searching a remote field close to his home.

“She wasn’t barking, I just happened to get the reflection of her eyes when I was looking down with torch. I lifted her out easily enough but the hole was just to deep for her to make it out by herself.

“We’re just delighted to get her back. She must have been down there for 30 hours. We’d also like to thank everyone who helped us look for her,” said a relieved Bobby.