A passionate 19th century St Valentine’s letter has been discovered in Donegal County Archives.

The poem was found during routine cataloging work in Donegal County Archives last week, and will surely send hearts aflutter over the next few days.

The incredibly emotional tribute was penned by A Sinclairewhose identity is a mystery. The words transcribed read:

My Dear Valentine
Thy image, lovely as the morn,
Appears in all I see
For nature in her fairest forms but beauty speaks of thee
Oh welcome love, it this be love, aught else it cannot be
To think that all my joy or woe finds sympathy with thee.

I love thee dear with all my heart, none else can I love but thee
My heart you have and yours I want from thee.
I am your affectionate admirer
– A Sinclaire

These touching words could spur Donegal couples into stepping up their game this Valentine’s Day – sorry, but a romantic snapchat is not going to cut it anymore after this heart-warming show of affection.

The poem was unearthed among a collection of the Steele Nicholson family of Falmore House, Gleneely, Inishowen, which was donated to the archives some years ago by Down Museum.

The Steele Nicholsons were a wealthy family who owned property and land in Donegal and Down in the 19th century.

Who do you think A Sinclaire might be?