Jennifer McAnaney has successfully lost two stone by following the Slimming World diet!

Along with mum Mary, Jennifer attends the Newtowncunningham group run by Anne Marie McGee and the unstoppable mammy/daughter duo have lost 5 stone between them!

Jennifer is a stay at home mum for her four children, and is a full-time carer for her son who has Autism Spectrum Disorder.

She began putting on weight after the birth of her first son, and got into the bad habit of nibbling at goodies from the treat box after she put the children to bed.

With help from Slimming World, Jennifer has overcome her unhealthy habits and is now a healthy weight.

When describing her before and after photos, she said; “Before is a person with low self esteem, and very little confidence, indulging in guilt-eating. After is a girl who is loving life, loving clothes shopping, and loving the food she is eating!”

“I started putting on weight after I had my first son, and it spiraled until joining Slimming World.”

Before losing the weight, Jennifer found that being overweight affected her everyday life, “I hated shopping for new clothes, I rarely ever went out, and I was always too tired to play with my kids.”

“I was very unfit before but this has definitely improved since losing weight.”

Jennifer explained that the final straw needed to kickstart her weight loss journey was when she had to move up yet another dress size.

After dropping a total of 28 pounds, Jennifer can do all of the things she used to do before she put on weight, including sports.

“I can go swimming with confidence again.”

She remarked that the best thing to happen as a result of her weight loss is that her confidence is through the roof!

“My confidence has soared and I enjoy playing and running about after my kids.”

“When the kids went to bed I went to town on the treat box. I have no learnt to control my snacking habits.”

If you are beginning your weight loss journey, Jennifer advises that you “take it one day at a time. If You have a bad day don’t dwell on it. Start again tomorrow. Stay in the group and use the Slimming World programme as it does work.”

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