The BBC will air a special show for Graham Norton's Big Red Chair tonight, could a Donegal man's best story from the show feature?

It’s been a tough week for some being back at work, and January is a bit of a gloomy month itself. If you’re shying away from spending money this weekend and staying in tonight, then this special show is perfect.

Nevermind the A-list guests, Graham Norton’s famous red chair is the star of his chat shows each week. The weird and wonderful stories he hears from the flippable chair are just gold. Plus, Graham and his celebrity sofa are usually ruthlessly eager to dispatch of the storytellers.

Tonight’s show on BBC2 at 10.35pm is completely dedicated to stories from the red chair. We’ll find out how the chair came to bring some of the best moments to the chat show.

Last year, one daring audience member from Donegal braved the chair. His story went down as one of the funniest ever told.

Letterkenny man Sean McInerney told the story of a wedding disaster where the groom outed the bride for cheating during their engagement. It brought great amusement to many viewers in the UK and Ireland.

We’ll be tuning in tonight to see if Sean makes the cut on the highlights reel!

See the video from the Donegal Page here: