Rose of Tralee Maggie McEldowney and Donegal Rose Zoe McGettigan will visit Donegal to launch the Donegal Rose Selection.

They will be in the Clanree Hotel at 2pm tomorrow (Wednesday, 4th January) to meet any women thinking of applying for the competition.

The Donegal Rose Selection will take place on Sunday 26th March in the Clanree Hotel. All Roses selected will be wearing Tipperary Crystal Jewellery. Applications close on 17th March.

Maggie McEldowney Rose of Tralee and Zoe McGettigan, Donegal Rose

Zoe McGettigan

Zoe McGettigan

Looking back on her experience, Donegal Rose Zoe McGettigan said: “Applying to be a Rose is something that had been on my mind for the last couple of years and with a little push from my family and friends I finally clicked the button and sent my application…little did I know that I would actually be chosen as the 2016 Donegal Rose!

“Being the Donegal Rose this year has surpassed so many of my expectations and it is so much more than just a televised programme which people watch on the TV.

“From the get-go I loved getting stuck into ‘my Donegal Rose’ role, attending rose functions, charity events, concerts, rally events and even horseracing, I have truly had the time of my life…and this was before I had even attended the festival!

“Nothing can top the friendships that I have made with all my Rose family. I can’t put into words the experience that I had during the festival… it was truly the best two weeks of my life. Even though I was not chosen as one the 32 Roses for the RTE show it really did not matter, I was still the 2016 Donegal Rose and that made me burst with pride as well as my family and friends.

“The reunions that I have had with the Roses and escorts since the festival have been amazing! We have attended balls together, travelled to the German markets and recorded a charity single for Crumlin hospital to be released in April and these reunions will carry on even after I hand over my sash to the 2017 Donegal Rose.

“This is what it’s all about… lifelong friendships and if you come away with this from the festival I believe it’s worth a million times more than winning!

“So I would recommend this to all the Donegal ladies out there to apply and remember to just have fun and be yourself.”

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