Fashion columnist Breid Mc Daid presents chic and casual attire for the festive season.

Happy Countdown to Christmas! The feeling when the festive season is almost upon us, ahh the excitement of it all.

So it’s common knowledge that most of us tend to plan our party outfits in advance of the socially hectic time of year, yet Christmas Day wear often gets overlooked, without intention.

It can be a tricky one I’ll admit. You want to look stylish and festive, while also remaining comfortable enough to run around as you carry out all the millions of tiny jobs that come part and parcel. You also want to keep cosy and warm as the temperatures plummet. Taking all of these factors into consideration, I’ve put together a collection that should hopefully meet some, if not all of your Christmas outfit requirements. Whether you like to go all out glam for Christmas Day mass and then change into a more comfortable, toned down, stylish number (which is probably what most of us do as it ticks all boxes), we’ve got you covered.

One very effective option to accompany the above suggestion is investing in an eye-catching statement coat/jacket, paired with tights and heels, while wearing last year’s Christmas party dress underneath. Sure who’s to know, that’s if you’re planning on changing into outfit number two when the turkey is due to be carved. If not, and you’ve decided to stick with a dress/skirt and tights, why not slip on a pair of embellished/textured pumps to see through the day.

Do not underestimate the power of an elegant chiffon draped blouse, accompanied with those much sought after ‘coated’ black skinnies. The ‘bell sleeve’ style are a personal favourite of mine this season. If you’re feeling a little more on the adventurous side, why not opt for a pair of leathers teamed with a muted sequin top. You could even add a fine knit/chunky sweater to tone down the edginess if that’s not your scene.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read. If still looking for some last minute party outfits, check out my latest blog post for some inspiration. You’ll find the link here on my facebook page.



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