Ros na Rún stars and Donegal natives Brídín Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh and Máirín De Buitléir talk about the bombshell that's on the way for their characters this festive season.

We love a good family feud on TV at Christmas time, and two Donegal women are going to be centrestage of one of the juiciest festive soap fallouts this year.

Ros na Run is going to have a wonderful winter wedding this New Year’s Eve, but what should be a gorgeous glittering affair is going to turn into a dramatic day for all.

Donegal Woman talked to Brídín Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh and Máirín De Buitléir, who play sisters Katy and Dee Daly on the show. They’re at the heart of the drama, and are more than excited for everyone to see the cheating scandal blow up on our screens this Christmas.


Brídín Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh and Máirín De Buitléir

It could never remain a secret for long when a groom has slept with the maid of honour. When that maid of honour is the bride’s sister and she gets pregnant, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Dee, played by Gortahork’s Máirín De Buitléir, is currently drifting along in her bubble of wedding plans and is blissfully unaware that her fiance may be the father of her sister’s baby. Meanwhile, Katy’s boyfriend Jason is looking forward to making a perfect family unit with her.

“It’s all a question of – are either of them going to crack before the wedding?” Máirín tells Donegal Woman.

“Dee is a barrister by profession and perfectionist by character and she wants this to be the most glorious wedding ever. She has dreamed about this since she was a little girl.”


Dee, played by Máirín De Buitléir. Image: TG4

Little does Dee know that all Katy and Mack’s secrets are going to come to the fore at her wedding.


Image: TG4

“It’s going to be really good to watch on the screen. Obviously, you can’t hide things like that forever, the audience can see that Katy and Mack are already losing it,” Máirín says.

The big question is – is Katy’s baby Jason’s or Mack’s? There’s even a hashtag #macknójason for curious fans to ponder the mystery together on social media. Katy had been getting IVF before her drunken night with Mack, so being pregnant now has brought about a huge mix of emotions for Katy.

Brídín, from Gaoth Dobhair, says we are in for some very interesting episodes as the pressure builds on Katy to tell the truth before the wedding.

“It’s been a brilliant storyline, it’s definitely a storyline that I’ve been able to connect to because it’s something that could happen so easily to anybody. You never think that one mistake can ruin so many people’s lives. Katy genuinely made a mistake and has had to deal with the consequences,” Brídín says.

“It was great honour to be involved in this New Year special. It was definitely the best episode I’ve been a part of and all the details from the wedding are so beautiful. Every single scene is written so well and it all builds up at such a nice pace to the dramatic moment.”

Even though poor Dee seems to be headed for a wedding disaster, Máirín is looking forward to the event, especially since it’s surrounding a Donegal clan.

Katy and Dee’s parents John Joe and Noreen are played by Donegal actors Niall Mac Eachmharcaigh and Máire Uí Rabhartaigh. They’re going to have their own problems this Christmas.

Old characters are back with a bang, including the surprise return of the stunning Garda Úna, an old flame of John Joe’s. He may be tempted to re-visit this old flame or fall back into the arms of his ex-wife Noreen.

John Joe, played by Niall Mac Eachmharcaigh. Image: TG4

John Joe, played by Niall Mac Eachmharcaigh. Image: TG4

Our Donegal accent will be well and truly heard in the show this New Year as the Dalys deal with their troubles.

“It’s lovely to have a family in the show that has our canúint. It’s great for people from Donegal and all over Ulster to be represented among all the Connemara people,” Máirín says.

“Donegal family events are huge, and sure there’s always a row! There’s always a ruckus! The Daly family are a little rough around the edges and that’s just it, but we stick together and we push each other through,” Máirín says.

Brídín and Máirín may pay bickering sisters on the show, but they are the best of friends off-camera. They met at a summer camp when they were kids, and have grown up together as friends.

“We’ve been best friends throughout our whole lives. It’s amazing to play alongside each other as sisters. Because we are like sisters we are so open with each other, and when it comes to doing those scenes it’s great because we have that emotion already intact,” says Máirín.

Image: TG4

Image: TG4

Brídín also sees the fun side of working with her best friend: “It’s definitely easy to see Máirín in this sister role, because I don’t have a sister myself and neither does she. It was great fun having scenes with such tension between each other.”

Behind the scenes, Brídín reveals things are never all that serious with the Daly family. “It’s so fun when the four of us have scenes together, we’re always making jokes, it’s hilarious and we just spend so much time trying to pull ourselves together before the cameras start rolling,” she says.

Máirín and Brídín have been sworn to secrecy over who the baby’s father is, but things are definitely not going to be the same for the Daly’s in 2017 after this wedding, that’s for sure. “It will be bombshell for both of them,” Brídín warns.

Image: TG4

Image: TG4

This week on Ros na Run we’re going to see Mack make a drunken confession at his stag do that could threaten all he has with Dee and the Dalys. Then, the big episode to watch is on Thursday the 29th December, when Dee’s fairytale wedding could well turn into a nightmare.

Ros na Run will be show at different times from the norm over the holidays: Sunday 25th December (Omnibus) will be broadcast at 12.05pm. Tuesday 27th & Thursday 29th will be broadcast at the later time of 8.45pm. Sunday 1st of January (Omnibus): 12.05am