Introducing fitness columnist Emmet Rushe, who looks at how we can motivate ourselves to gain rewards.

_dsc1788-edit-1Hello and welcome to the Donegal Women Health supplement.

I am Emmet Rushe and I am a Personal trainer and online coach.

I own Rushe Fitness, a thriving gym in Letterkenny, and I train my clients through a range of fitness classes and 1-1 coaching and my online clients are coached via my website,

This will be a slightly different format, to what I have previously done with my Donegal Daily articles.

I aim to add a bit more on exercise,
I’ll add in some healthy recipes and how to prepare them
I’ll even show you how to put together your own fitness programs.

Each week will follow a different format, one will be on exercise, one will be on a recipe, one will be on training and one will be on a few facts and fallacies in regards to training and nutrition.

I aim to educate, motivate and entertain you, all at the same time.


Let’s talk motivation. 

People find motivation in different ways. 

For some it’s Intrinsic, they are performing the task for its own sake, rather than for some external reward. They are driven by an internal desire to complete the task, simply for the love of doing it. 


For others, their motivation is more Extrinsic. 

They are driven to complete the task in an activity in order to gain a reward. This reward is very individualised and it can be anything relating to the task being performed, but from a fitness and health standpoint, they could be the desire to lose weight, for our clothing to fit better, to win a trophy or award in a specific sporting event. 


When it comes to motivation, is one better than the other?
Again the answer is very individual. 

If you love fitness for what it is and train just to be training, that is your reward, and that is absolutely fine. 

If you are training for a specific goal and when you reach the goal, your reward is met, that is also fine.  


The main consideration with both of these, is that both parties are using their motivation to reach their goals. 

They didn’t think about doing it, they acted on it and that is the most important part. image00

If there are topics that you would like me to cover, or if you have any questions that you would like to have answered, please just ask.

Here’s to a healthy new year.