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Emmet Rushe, owner and operator of Rushe Fitness, gives expert advice for ladies wanting to get in shape.

About ‘that’ Cosmopolitan cover 6 years ago

About ‘that’ Cosmopolitan cover

By  •  Health

Last week Cosmopolitan UK broke the internet by putting Tess Holliday on its front cover.

If you haven’t seen it, were unaware of it or do not know who Tess …
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Think about this before body shaming anyone 6 years ago

Think about this before body shaming anyone

By  •  Health

Twice during the past week, I was met with body shaming on social media.

Once towards a person on Facebook and another in a group on Twitter.

The thing is, …
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The truth about treats 7 years ago

The truth about treats

By  •  Health

So, you are having a bad day at work. Your boss is on your case, your supervisor is being a pain in the posterior and you have to pull up …
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Weight training made easy 7 years ago

Weight training made easy

By  •  Health

Entering a gym for the first time can be terrifying! The thought of starting to lift weights can be a nightmare.

You walk into the gym, take one look at …
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Don’t trust your scales 7 years ago

Don’t trust your scales

By  •  Health

If there is one thing that I have learned from training hundreds of people over the last few years, it is this:

The scale is a great tool for measuring …
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