Donegal star Amybeth McNulty has taken on a gripping new role in a spooky thriller, out this month.

The 22-year-old Irish-Canadian actress, who grew up in Milford, stars in ‘She Came Back’. The Canadian psychological drama is being released digitally across major streaming sites iTunes Apple TV, Google and more. 

Amybeth rose to fame in the lead role of Anne with an E on Netflix. She played fast-talking Vickie in the hugely popular Stranger Things Season 4.

“Amybeth McNulty is compelling as the tormented survivor in She Came Back,” says Strath Hamilton at TriCoast Worldwide.

She Came Back – Amybeth McNulty

The film is helmed by award-winning director, Megan Follows (Reign).

She Came Back centres around 16-year-old Charlie McLeod (Amybeth McNulty) who on the way to her father’s wedding, is involved in a serious car accident, leaving her in a fight for her life. For a brief moment, she dies on the operating table and has a near death experience, where she reconnects with her deceased mother, Claire (Megan Follows). Charlie ultimately survives but Claire’s spirit was so moved by the re-connection with her daughter, she has no intention of letting go. She believes that Charlie was supposed to die with her and now insists Charlie join her in the afterlife. 

Speaking about Amybeth’s role, Strath said: “In the past audiences have seen characters who would voluntarily leave their life to be with a recently deceased loved one, but what if the recently deceased loved one initiates the process? That is what her character encounters.”

The Irish release date for She Came Back is yet to be confirmed.

Get a behind the scenes look at the film here: