It's destination Donegal for the Derry Girls tonight as they seek peace from The Twelfth.

Donegal viewers of Derry Girls will be delighted to discover that the crew are on their way south of the border in episode five.

It’s the 12th of July, and the Quinn family want nothing to do with marching season. In a bid to escape the Orange Parades, they pack up and head on a holiday to the Donegal coast – the tranquil Portnoo to be exact.

Their trip to the seaside isn’t expected to go to plan though, as Aunt Sarah has a premonition from her tarot cards:

“The cards say that if we go on this wee holiday we’re placing ourselves in grave danger, which am not buzzin’ about to be honest,” she warns.

In a sneak peek from we see Clare (Nicola Coughlan) begging to join the exodus to Portnoo. Michelle and James will manage to come on the trip too, so we can always expect the unexpected if these two are involved.

We can’t wait to see what the gang gets up to in our wee county – if they make it this far!

One thing’s for sure is that they’ll encounter a new character. Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee introduced the world to ‘the delightful Nicola’ today, who’ll be appearing in a diner scene. Nicola is played by Belfast actress Bronágh Taggart, who you might recognise from The Fall.

As revealed last week, we know that Lisa McGee has a close connection to Donegal and dreams of living by the sea here someday. She’s even basing her next TV series in the county. 

So pack your bags and sandwiches, and tune in to Channel 4 tonight at 10pm to welcome the Derry girls to Donegal!



Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee to base her next series in Donegal