It’s all systems go as the Muff Liquor Company gains planning permission to build a new distillery in Muff.

The premium drinks company is planning a new distillery, bottling site, shop and gin experience in the centre of the border village which gives it its cheeky name.

Following recent investment by Hollywood star Russell Crowe, a launch in Australia and Tesco Ireland becoming stockists, the spirits company is raising the bar even further with a ‘brand home’ in Donegal. Building works will commence in January.

Laura Bonner, the co-founder and CEO of the Muff Liquor Company, told Donegal Daily that the development will create a substantial number of jobs, both during the build and once opened.

The Greencastle native, who is currently on business in NYC, said the team are incredibly excited about this milestone and what it means for the future of the business. 

Laura said: “The approval of these plans signifies a significant step forward in our expansion strategy. We have been so pleased with our domestic and international markets and we could not do this without the support of our customers, so very grateful to them locally, nationally and internationally!”

Laura Bonner, CEO and co-founder of the Muff Liquor Company

The Muff Liquor team is currently in the US with exciting plans for 2024.

There’s no place like home, says Laura: “The addition of the Brand Home will further strengthen our position and enable us to better serve our customers.” 

The new distillery will be located in the heart of Muff on the site of the existing Central Motors garage, past Harkin’s shop.

On funding the expansion, Laura added “As for the investment and job opportunities, the establishment of the distillery represents a significant investment in our business. While we cannot disclose specific figures at this time, we anticipate that it will create a substantial number of jobs both during the construction phase and upon completion.

“Additionally, the brand home will contribute to the local economy and hopefully attract tourism to the area and county. Overall, I guess we view the approval of the plans for our new distillery as a positive development for our business. It will allow us to expand our operations, meet the growing demand for our products, and create valuable job opportunities. 

“We are extremely excited about the future prospects and the positive impact this will have on our company. It’s a dream come true. Finally! I now just need to focus on getting these Christmas orders out!”