Rachel visits the award-winning Boutique Spa of the Year at the Silver Tassie to experience a Winter Special treatment.

A trip to the spa is a little escape that we all deserve from time to time. The only downside is the return to reality afterwards – when you have to give back the dreamy fluffy robe, pack your bags and head out into the cold again.

Last Friday I visited the Seascape Spa at the Silver Tassie for a Seascape Heaven Special. 

But what stands out at this spa is the sheer length of time you spend enjoying the pure relaxation. The treatment lasts for over two and a half hours! 

With that, and all the time you spend in the Cocoon and Snooze Rooms, you get to truly switch off from the real world.

My visit began with afternoon tea in the foyer. 

Afternoon tea at the Silver Tassie Letterkenny

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James

This quote was on the menu – and I couldn’t agree more!

The afternoon tea at Silver Tassie is lovely – fresh sandwiches, warm scones with jam and cream, and – my favourite – a dessert level of delicious sweets. The little flowers and cute teacups all add to the presentation of the relaxing tea. 

Afternoon tea at the Silver Tassie Letterkenny

Sweets in the afternoon tea at the Silver Tassie Letterkenny

After this – I headed upstairs to the spa – which feels like a world away from Letterkenny.

The Silver Tassie Seascape Spa recently won RSVP’s Best Boutique Spa in the 2019 Spa Awards. I can see why – it’s small, but the top quality of treatments and the thoughtful layout make it a blissful place to wind down. 


Seacscape Spa Manager Niamh McElhinney with Spa Therapist Martina Burke

The Cocoon Room at the Seascape Spa

The treatment starts with some calm time in the Cocoon Room – it’s just what you need, a quiet and cosy space with no distractions. 

Martina, my therapist for the day, then brought me into the treatment room for the massages and facials. 

The Seascape Heaven is only €149 and you get all this: 

  • Full Body Brushing
  • Full Body Massage
  • Skin Hydrating Facial 
  • Scalp Massage
  • Rejuvenating Marine Eye Treatment

So I was literally pampered from head to toe!

The Treatment Room at the Seascape Spa

Martina used all Voya Organic Beauty Products – which is an Irish range based on seaweed. It’s a luxurious treat to smell the aromatic scents and feel all the nourishing oils and creams on your skin.

The body brushing and massage relaxes every part of the body – and the back massage felt amazing at the end of a long week.

By the time we got to the facial, I was so relaxed that I was almost drifting off.

The facial, with all the Voya products, was heavenly. Martina did a double cleanse, a gentle scrub and lavished on loads of moisturising and nourishing creams, spritzes and serums tailored for my dry skin. She also applied two seaweed eye pads to pack in the antioxidants and brighten my eyes.

Some of the Voya Products used during the treatment – including the seaweed eye pads

A super soothing head massage and hair treatment felt fantastic too. If you have dry skin, you have dry hair too, Martina told me, so she added some lovely hydrating oils and I’m still noticing that my hair feels better five days later.

There is never a rush at Seascape. After the treatments, you take your time getting up, and move into the snooze room for as long as you like with a little sorbet or ice cream and herbal tea to come around.

Myself and Martina Burke

I left the spa feeling like a new woman! My skin was so soft and moisturised and my face was glowing. I loved how my eyes felt so refreshed.

I would highly recommend the Seascape Spa – as well as their range of relaxing massage and holistic treatments, they also provide beauty,  maternity, couples and cancer care treatments suitable for both men and women.

The brochure is well worth a look at: https://www.silvertassiehotel.com/cmsFiles/spa_brochure_2019.pdf

For people living near Letterkenny, or anywhere in the northwest, a big plus is that the spa is so easy to reach. It may only be a short drive away, but it’s a real escape to a peaceful hideaway. The spa is open 7 days a week. And anyone who visits the spa receives a discount for the onsite Atomic Atomic Hair Salon.

For treatment packages that are great value and specially designed to complement each other, check out the Seascape Winter Specials: https://www.silvertassiehotel.com/spa-special-offers.html

For more information or bookings in Seascape Spa email spa@silvertassiehotel.ie or phone + 353 0749126251.

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I visited the Seascape Spa as a guest of the Silver Tassie for this review, but all opinions are my own.