Letterkenny presenter Caoimhe Ní Chathail and Proinsias Ó Coinn are once again embarking on a mission to revolutionize our closets in Éadaí SOS.

The second series of the show is coming to TG4 on Wednesday 29th November at 8.30pm and available to watch now on the TG4 Player.

Caoimhe and Proinsias attempt to transform the shopping habits of four fashion enthusiasts by advocating for a shift towards reducing, reusing, and recycling clothing. Each episode spotlights a devotee of fast fashion with a wardrobe brimming with impulse buys and a disregard for the environmental impact.

The show enlists a team of experts to support the contributors including fashion psychologist Dr Dion Terrelonge, seamstress Bronagh Crothers and stylist Moya Doogan to guide the participants through their transformative journey.

Each episode commences with Caoimhe paying a visit to the home of one of the self-professed shopaholics, where the extent of the issue becomes glaringly evident. To help curb their tendencies, Caoimhe and her team take possession of their garments for further assessment, leaving the contributors with just 15 clothing items for a two-week period. To make matters even more challenging, they are subjected to a shopping embargo.

Proinsias conducts a clothing audit, offering a sobering glimpse into the severity of the problem and revealing startling statistics about the infrequency with which many garments are worn, with some never seeing the light of day. Valuable advice is also provided on how to breathe new life into clothing to create fresh and stylish outfits.With the guidance of Caoimhe and Proinsias, can the contributors transform their habits? What will they do with their clothing once they’ve been confronted with the startling truth?

Éadaí SOS was filmed on location in Belfast, Cork and Dublin by Waddell Media for TG4 and BBC Gaeilge with support from NI Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund.

All 4 episodes are available on the TG4 Player now: https://nasc.tg4.tv/Éadaí-SOS-2