A new marshmallow-making workshop has opened Donegal, much to the delight of those with a sweet tooth.

The Mallow Mia experience in Newtowncunningham is perfect for birthday parties, Hen parties and groups, where the classes are tailored to every age and taste!

From the moment you step into the bright and colourful workshop, you’ll be transported into a world of delicious treats led by Linda McClean with the helpful assistance of Annmarie Gilpin.

Annmarie Gilpin and Linda McClean

Over an hour and a half, we made fresh marshmallows and luxury rocky roads to take home and enjoy.

What I loved most about the experience was the freedom to choose my own flavours, colours and toppings. With a range of essences to choose from, including Orange Blossom and Whiskey, and countless colours to mix and match, the possibilities are endless. I went for a combination of Elderflower and Juniper, with a pink swirl for a touch of Barbie-esqe fun.

Under Linda’s expert guidance, we carefully measured our ingredients and mixed them to perfection. 

Linda McClean helping us get our marshmallows simply perfect

And while the marshmallow mix heated to 118C, we moved over to the rocky road station to create our own bespoke chocolatey treats. With a wide selection of sweets to choose from, we mixed them together with premium Belgian chocolate and flavoured marshmallows. I went for a biscoff themed mixture, with vanilla and biscoff marshmallows, biscuits, marshmallows and Maltesars. I think kids will have great fun at this stage of the class. They’ll also love the introductory smores to get your tastebuds fired up! 

Rocky road making at Mallow Mia

As the rocky roads set, we moved back to our marshmallows to add the finishing touches. Linda was on hand to advise and encourage us to taste test along the way. 

Linda is a master of flavours – her claim to fame is the creation of the WKD Blue flavour while working as a beverage technologist in Germany! She and Annmarie have plenty of tricks to share to stop you from getting into any sticky situations.

The marshmallows are set within 8 hours, but the Rocky Roads are ready to eat on the journey home.

Myself and Linda at the Mallow Mia Experience

My own creation – I’m no decorator obviously!

Congratulations to Linda on the launch of this exciting new activity. If you’re looking to organise a children’s birthday party (aged 7+), hen party, corporate team get-away, family day-out, tour group or school group, get in touch to see what experience would suit best. 

Check out https://mallowmia.com/collections/marshmallow-chococlate-making-experiences/marshmallow-and-chocolate-making-experiences or contact hello@mallowmia.com for more information.